The Advanced is a life-changing experience outside of your comfort zone with the goal of breakthrough achievements that are extraordinary and beyond your imagination, available only for graduates of the Basic Training.

Gain a new level of mastery in creating and living a future of your own design; a future that fulfils what matters most to you.

You’ll leave the Advanced with an expanded ability to take bold, effective action and to make possible what once seemed impossible. Obstacles that once limited you will no longer stand in your way. You’ll experience a new freedom and ease.

The Advanced Training is a context of interruption, intensity, breakthrough, release, forgiveness, power, vision, responsibility, and transformation.

During 4 days you’ll have the opportunity to:

Explore the boundaries of your comfort zone, and move past them
Confront your past and let it go
Confront your ego and break through it
Unlock your authentic leadership style
Practice forgiveness
Experience and learn to be a team player
Breakthrough your fears and limiting beliefs

Phone: +31 (0) 683 238 046

febrero 13 @ 11:00 — febrero 16 @ 18:30
11:00 — 18:30 (79h 30′)

The Netherlands