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`` Educating a child is not making him learn something he did not know, but to make him someone who did not exist``

John Ruskin

Educational Leadership Program

Important for...

Teachers and anyone related to the educational field.

What is it?

It is an experiential and transversal program that, from a Tutorial Accion point of view, wants to offer teachers new tools to develop a classroom in which educating children and developing potential leadership in children go hand in hand, transforming both the school and the Educational Community.


Leadership skills in children are a combination of personal characteristics that allow them to have ideas and thoughts and to be constructive at the same time. These can be innate or they can be accumulated through developing their Listening Skills, so they better understand other children/adults, the ability to motivate by Understanding the necessities of others and generate Creative alternatives during the search for Solutions to the problem.


  • Develop Leadership in your pupils.
  • Teach Emotional Intelligence applied to the balanced management of emotions.
  • Improve Coexistence and peaceful Conflict Resolution through Dialogue and Meditation.
  • Use Coaching tools so that pupils discover more options when interacting with reality.
  • Provide Bullying Prevention tools.

Program Information

For more information about the Evoking Leaders Program, please contact:
  • 0637 474 072

  • 0649 340 174

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