Make a Difference


“Make a Difference” is a training that will help you to turn your personal and professional vision into reality, it is designed to support you to face daily challenges in your life, creating new opportunities, breaking with your past, strengthening your relationships and creating new ones , it's an opportunity to grow as a human being.

If you choose this training nothing will be the same in your life, this program will challenge you every day to leave your comfort zone, to take risks, and take action on the things that matter to you, even if they seem impossible, to live a life worth living.

Only if you are willing to go too far, you will see how far you can go.

Your results:

  • Unleash your full potential on the best version of you
  • Be a source of change and impact in your environment
  • Live a life with purpose
  • Create extraordinary results in all areas of your life
  • Improve communication skills, including public speaking skills
  • Start your own business
  • Personal development: self-esteem, motivation, improvement of personal relationships, team leadership…
  • Acquire the skills of a certified professional Coach to develop them in your personal and professional life
  • Acquire credibility, motivation, responsibility, ability to challenge, imagination…
  • Find a new meaning to the words Leadership and Commitment
  • Redesign your relationship with fear, risk and action
  • Develop greater motivation and assertiveness in the face of new possibilities where before you only saw obstacles


The Certification of The Transformational Coaching Program included in the content of the program, is certified by the international organization CCA (Certified Coaches Alliance). It offers you the possibility of acquiring the skills of a coach, to strengthen your personal emotional intelligence and/or to use your coaching skills in a professional way.


The duration of the program is 6-8 months. There is the possibility of carrying out the program in a flexible way and at your own pace.

Parts 1,2,3 require to have completed the Basic and Advanced program.

You can choose to either follow the complete program or a combination of separate modules.

Part 1

Basic and

Part 2


Part 3


Part 4

Coaching Program