Our modules can be carried out as part of a specific program or as independent workshops.

Some modules can be done in 3 hours, in sessions of 6 hours, or in a full weekend, depending on the depth that is contracted.

The format of our workshops is 65% Practical and 35% Distinctions-theoretical bases.

1. Level 1 EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Basic Workshop

2. Level 2 EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Advanced Workshop

3. ``LIVE IN FIRST PERSON``. Responsibility

4. ``LISTEN TO UNDERSTAND``. Listening skills

5. ``KNOWING ME AND OTHERS``. Personality styles

6. ``THE FORCE OF CHARACTER``. Conflict resolution

7. ``LIVE SAYING WHAT YOU FEEL``. Assertiveness

8. ``THE POWER OF THE WORD``. Public speaking techniques.

9. Effective negotiation tools

10. Leadership and management of highly effective teams

11. ``HOW TO REINVENT MY LIFE``. Feedback and redesign

12. ``THE OPPORTUNITY DOES NOT ARRIVE, IT IS BUILT``. Leadership Distinctions

13. How to manage my time

14. Introduction to Professional Coaching

16. ``THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES``. Personal relationships

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