Expert in Coaching CCA

“Make a Difference” is a training that will help you to turn your personal and professional vision into reality, it is designed to support you to face daily challenges in your life, creating new opportunities, breaking with your past, strengthening your relationships and creating new ones , it's an opportunity to grow as a human being.

If you choose this training nothing will be the same in your life, this program will challenge you every day to leave your comfort zone, to take risks, and take action on the things that matter to you, even if they seem impossible, to live a life worth living.

Evoking Leaders Program

Give your children the opportunity to get out of the social ego system that creates the individual ego and thus create their own free and risky mind. It is valuable that at an early age, they let go of the barriers already forged from childhood and can focus on achieving their highest ideals.

They will learn to distinguish ways of being that work and do not, in order to enhance or modify habits. They will discover their bravery, ability to express and relate. They will begin strengthening their Emotional Intelligence. They will develop awareness and commitment to themselves and their environment to meet the leader inside.

Trainers Academy

Our programs and modules are designed for individuals, companies, associations and other entities that need to develop communication skills, leadership and effective development for their business and/or personal life. Our programs are made up of modules, which can be carried out as part of a specific program or as independent workshops.

Each program is completed with on-line group sessions of coaching follow-up. Some modules can be done in 3 hours, in sessions of 6 hours, or in a full weekend, depending on the depth that is contracted. The format of our programs and modules is 65% Practical and 35% Distinctions-theoretical bases.