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What a beautiful night it was! Team Love Boat presented a cheque of more than € 11.000 to Carlijn de Jong, representative of the National Foundation Children’s Aid / Safe Wings

All that energy, passion and commitment! The whole team was there to witness this wonderful event. Besides giving her flowers and presenting the cheque, the team explained everything they did to enroll people to support them to reach their goal to raise €10.000 within 4 days. They even had a magician in the team who performed his magic! They gave it everything they had. After that, the whole team committed to keep supporting Carlijn and the foundation in the future.

Carlijn will use the money to support children who live in poverty and don’t have the same opportunities as other children in the Netherlands. The Safe Wings Foundation is a foundation that supports children that live in foster care and their foster parents.

What a beautiful vision you have, Carlijn! We feel honored and proud to be able to support you in creating a better life for those children in need. We, at Energia Positiva, have a similar vision. We want to make the world a better place for everybody. We do that through our trainings and workshops and by supporting NGO’s.



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